ProDecon® offer fully managed chemical cleaning and decontamination services. Our project management team benefits from over 30 years experience across a range of industries including oil & gas, petrochemical and energy .  Working closely with our clients we are able to fully understand the nature of their issue and develop a tailor made solution. With our range of REACH compliant proprietary chemicals we are able to select the right chemistry for the particular application and with our R&D capabilities are able to test and develop specific processes where required.  Successful chemical cleaning is the combination of the correct chemistry and correct application. Our fleet of purpose built containerised equipment ensures we can deliver the ideal solution locally and internationally . From project design through to execution and effluent handling ProDecon® offer a full Project Management Service to meet your requirements.

Hydrocarbon Decontamination

ProDecon® works with refiners to deliver pre-maintenance hydrocarbon decontamination and chemical cleaning to ensure safer, faster turnarounds. Offering both liquid and vapour phase solutions, including pyrophoric treatment as a one step process, ProDecon® facilitate rapid man entry into vessels with zero LEL and zero H2S and can be integrated to provide performance restoration on heat exchangers and furnace inlet temperature improvement.

Our fully biodegradable chemistry can be applied across all types of fractionation units, gas recovery and sour water systems.

Ammonia Salts Treatment

Salt deposition can occur slowly through the refinery process causing damage and high energy losses. ProDecon®‘s AST™ technology prevents salt fouling and corrosion. It ensures higher productivity and increased reliability. The use of the AST™ technology allows the refinery to maintain a stable feed rate without negative effects. ProDecon® AST™ is friendly to the environment. AST™ is equally effective in treating chloride fouling in fractionators, compressors, heat exchangers, fuel gas and flare systems. Applied on-line it provides a viable alternative to mechanical cleaning during planned shut-downs with the added benefit of reduced operational costs.

H2S and Sulphide Treatment

ProDecon® supply a range of sulphide treatment chemistry and solutions to meet the challenge of H2S across a range of applications. Our ProDecon-216 range offers rapid removal of H2S in oil, water and gas mediums in an irreversible reaction without formation of elemental sulphur. Applications include downhole injection, clean flaring, sour water treatment and odour control.

Heat Exchanger

Effective heat exchange is the heartbeat of process energy efficiency. ProDecon® offer a range of services to restore and maintain exchanger performance. Fouling from heavy hydrocarbons, asphaltenes, scaling and corrosion deposits are removed in-situ from shell and tube exchangers to minimise down time and maximise run time.

Fin Fans

Non Abrasive media blasting to restore performance on fin fans / air cooled condensers is a speciality relied on year after year by our key clients to maintain the highest levels of production and minimise energy cost. Utilising Pro-XL™, our specialised dry, soluble, crystal media we are able to decontaminate and clear the externals of the most challenging overhead air cooler systems.

Boilers and Furnaces

ProDecon® offer full chemical cleaning services for both water and fire side on boilers and furnaces. We provide full chemical cleaning services for removal of scale, corrosion deposits and copper laydown from process design to execution.  In conjunction with our technology partners ProDecon® also provide on line fire side treatment for removal and prevention of fouling in the convection side to improve efficiency and reduce fuel usage.

Pre-Commission Cleaning

ProDecon® combine its expertise across a range of service to offer pre-commissioning cleaning services to ensure smooth plant start up. Utilising our own pumps, temporary piping and tanks chemical cleaning for corrosion and millscale removal on boilers and piping is designed to match the system metallurgy. Our steam blowing service includes full engineering design and flow modelling along with targeted, and silenced execution service.

PFAS Decontamination

The ProDecon® and Tetra Tech partnership provides market leading expertise and comprehensive management of the foam transition programme including fire engineering, decontamination and environmental compliance. Our team can assist with chemical analysis of firefighting foams and help manage the environmental risks and prioritising where to start foam changeouts.Utilising a proprietary decontamination agents PFAScrub®, our partnership will provide regulatory assurance with the removal of self-assembled forms of PFAS that adhere to interior of fire suppression systems, ensuring you remain compliant in the transition to fluorine-free foam stock