Chemical Cleaning

Pre-commission chemical cleaning is performed to remove any foreign material remaining from plant and equipment during manufacture, construction, transportation and installation activities. Considerations include mill scale, weld scale, rust, oil, grease, temporary protective coatings, sand, dirt and other construction debris. The objective of pre-commission chemical cleaning is to achieve a clean, passive metal surface to prevent corrosion prior to system start up. Cleaning process is selected based on material of construction, manufacturer specifications and plant/equipment service. Cleaning specifications for operation are achieved through process analysis and quality control procedures.

ProDecon® offers a full service for pre-commission chemical cleaning of plant and equipment such as boilers, heat exchangers, tanks & vessels, pipelines, etc. Serviced industries include oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation, infrastructure development and steel. ProDecon® provides specialized equipment to meet targeted flow rates, temperatures and pressures in order to achieve acceptance criteria requirements. A selection of pumps, mixing tanks, heat exchangers, effluent holding tanks, piping, hoses, valves, etc. enable ProDecon® to pre-engineer cleaning circuits that accomplish end results without compromise to safety, quality and schedule.

Steam Blowing

Steam blowing is a pre-commissioning/commissioning activity of newly constructed steam lines and equipment and also on older lines that have had extensive maintenance carried out. The Steam blowing is carried out to remove any debris left over from the construction of the line and the mill scale from the fabrication of the pipes.

ProDecon® can provide a fully engineered steam blowing service. Starting with the flow modelling to determine the required characteristic to meet CFR in relation to the MCR conditions, throughout the system network, quality engineering is at the heart of this critical activity.  Exit piping and silencing requirements are taken into consideration and incorporated into the overall design.  We can provide acoustic silencers and quench attemperator systems to ensure this high energy activity can be executed safely within the congested construction environment. Our engineers monitor the steam blowing conditions to ensure the design parameters are met and the results are proven using pneumatically inserted target plates.