PFAS Decontamination

Since 4th July 2021, holders of greater than 50kg of Class B firefighting foams (AFFF, FFFP and FP) across all the sites they operate, have a legal obligation to report the nature of the foam (C6 or C8) as a stockpile of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) under the REACH regulations. From January 1st 2023, C8 foams cannot be used if the released foam cannot be 100% contained, with a complete ban from July 4th 2025. Further regulations addressing C6 foams are currently under review.

PFAS Foam Transition

With use of these foams being subject to regulation, many businesses are required to change their foam stocks to alternative fluorine free firefighting foam (F3). There are many F3 foams available that have passed multiple fire tests, showing comparable performance to fluorinated foams and are described as being 100% biodegradable so represent a safer and more sustainable option.

Effective decontamination of the existing fire suppression infrastructure is essential as fluorosurfactants are known to self-assemble on interior surfaces in large supramolecular assemblies. Evidence has shown that flushing a system with water has not been effective in removing these layers, leading to significant contamination of new F3 foam stocks with PFAS. This results in the new F3 foam stock being classed as stockpile of POPs under REACH regulations.

A Trusted Partnership

The ProDecon® and Tetra Tech partnership provides market leading expertise and comprehensive management of the foam transition programme including fire engineering, decontamination and environmental compliance. Our team can assist with chemical analysis of firefighting foams and help manage the environmental risks and prioritising where to start foam changeouts.

Utilising a proprietary decontamination agents PFAScrub®, our partnership will provide regulatory assurance with the removal of self-assembled forms of PFAS that adhere to interior of fire suppression systems, ensuring you remain compliant in the transition to fluorine-free foam stock. Systems supported include;

  • Foam suppression systems
  • Foam storage tanks
  • Fire engine tanks
  • Pumps
  • Marine & Military systems
  • Pipework

As global businesses, we can assist with transitioning portfolios of sites in multiple regions.