ProDecon® are aligned with selected technology partners and international distributors to ensure we provide a wide range of specialist solutions to our clients most challenging issues, without compromise on safety and quality. With the additional geographical reach provided by our distributors and agents we are able to supply our expertise internationally at competitive rates.

Petromar Energy Services – UAE

Petromar were established in the Middle East in 2007 providing innovative technologies and services to the Oil and Gas Industry in the region. As ProDecon’s exclusive agent in Abu Dhabi Petromar support through chemical sales and in local support for full service decontamination works. In conjunction with Petromar ProDecon’s full range of services are available in the UAE.

Poly-Tech Maintenance and Industrial Operation – KSA
Poly-Tech are one of the leading Industrial Service providers in Saudi Arabia. Providing support services to Saudi Aramco, SABIC, SATORP, SADARA amongst others Poly-Tech offer the full range of industrial services across Saudi Arabia. As ProDecon’s exclusive distributor in Saudi Arabia Poly-Tech offer specialist decontamination service to the Refinery and Petrochemical industry.
ChemClean Services – India
With over 25 year experience ChemClean are one of India’s leading chemical cleaning contractors. Operating throughout India the highly trained team of engineers and technicians provide a range of specialist services to the oil, gas, energy and petrochemical sector. As ProDecon’s exclusive agent in India ChemClean work closely with ProDecon to provide the highest level of refinery decontamination service.
Kurita Europe – Technology Partner
Kurita Europe specialises in optimising the reliability and efficiency of industrial plants and projects. Kurita’s customised technologies and patented products for process treatment improve plant efficiency and plant lifetime as well as reducing costly downtimes. ProDecon® have exclusive UK distributor rights to some of Kurita’s specialist refinery products and also combined with our expertise offer the full service with application of some of the world’s leading chemistry.
PolarChem® – On-Line Boiler and Furnace Cleaning
Polarchem® provide methods, products systems and services for the on-line cleaning of boilers, process furnaces and incinerators burning oil, gas, coal and waste. Improving heat transfer and reducing corrosion Polarchem prolongs run time and reduces fuel usage without the need for shutdown. ProDecon® are the exclusive agent for the use of Polarchem® technologies in the Oil and Gas sector. Supported by Polarchem’s expertise ProDecon® provide the full service with chemical and application technology.
Servicios Quimicos Integrales CA (Serquimtegca) was established in 2006 by experienced professionals in the field of chemical cleaning and industrial services. Serquimtegca has continued to expand its range of specialist services and chemicals to delivery the highest level of support to the oil, petrochemical and energy sectors. Forming an exclusive agreement with ProDecon®, Serquimtegca are now able to offer specialist decontamination services across Venezuela and Colombia, supported by ProDecon’s marketing leading chemistry and engineering expertise.

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