Oil and Gas

ProDecon® offer a range of services to the oil and gas industry designed to safely minimise downtime, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Integrating with refinery operations to offer reduced turnaround times and facilitate safe man-entry with zero LEL, H2S and pyrophoric materials, Hydrocarbon Decontamination is ProDecon®’s speciality. Our range of fully biodegradable chemistry can be applied in as little as 10 hours to achieve gas free conditions in fractionation columns. We provide decontamination on individual equipment through to complex full unit decontamination.  Our full service integrates with the client shut down protocols to minimise de-inventory time through engineering procedures, with further gains available through use of our Pro-Flow system to enhance mobilisation of tars and asphaltenes in the wash oil phase.

With in-house refinery experience stretching back over 30 years, ProDecon® can offer decontamination on most refinery units including FCCU, CDU, VDU, Coker, Hydrocracker, Vis-Breakers, amine, sour water and vapour recovery systems.

Performance restoration for shell and tube exchangers, packinox and fin fans can be offered in-situ to quickly return the equipment to efficient operation, saving costs and improving throughput.  We offer specialty chemicals for heavy hydrocarbon fouling as well as chemical cleaning for scaling and corrosion deposits.

On-line furnace cleaning is offered to reduce foulants quickly improving efficiency, reducing fuel usage and enhancing equipment life and run time.

Utilising specialty chemistry, ProDecon® are able to offer on-line treatment for ammonia salt deposition.  This unique chemistry can operate at high temperatures to remove deposits through the system as a single campaign or as part of an on-going preventative maintenance program.