Heat Exchanger Performance Restoration

From large refineries and petrochemical facilities to small industries maintaining effective heat exchange is a key factor in energy usage and process efficiency. Heat exchanger fouling is common place on shell and tube and plate exchangers and can progressively reduce efficiency between turnarounds, sometimes to the extent of driving the need for shutdown on a given unit or equipment.

ProDecon® provide in-situ chemical cleaning on heat exchangers to remove process fouling and restore performance.  Chemistry is selected according to the foulant and are available for use in an aqueous phase or using a hydrocarbon carrier allowing for operation at higher temperatures and often directly in process. ProDecon® have a range of proprietary chemicals specifically for removing heavy hydrocarbon deposition in-situ without the need for bundle removal and the associated mechanical requirements.

Inorganic deposits from ineffective water treatment programs or corrosion are removed using reactive chemistry. The process is designed specifically for the given foulant taking into account the metallurgy and design limitations of the entire system to ensure compatibility.  ProDecon®’s R&D function can help to identify suitable cleaning methods for other forms of process fouling from a wide range of industries.

ProDecon® provide a complete service with chemical circulation and dosing pumps to achieve the required flow characteristics within the exchanger. Mobile heat exchangers are provided to ensure the correct temperature conditions are achieved and controlled.  The system is circulated with a flow reversal manifold to ensure maximum physical impact.  All parameters are monitored using our on-site testing facilities to monitor and control the chemical reaction and determine and accurate end point to the process.

With our full range of capabilities we are able to provide effective heat exchanger cleaning to meet your individual needs, from full heat trains to individual equipment.  Our Performance Restoration service can help return your plant quickly to efficient operation saving costs and increasing production.