Fin Fan

Fin fans and air cooled condensers are a critical component in maintaining the smooth running of many industrial processes across oil refineries, petrochemical and the energy sector.

Annual cleaning programmes offer many benefits:

  • Reduced energy costs  in powering the fans due to the improvement in cooling efficiency
  • Improved production rates where inefficient cooling demands lower throughput.
  • Prolonged unit life  through reduced corrosion risk and preventative maintenance to minimise equipment loading.

With ProDecons unique technology we use our specialised dry, soluble, crystal media to decontaminate and clear the externals of the most challenging air cooled condensors. Our media is delivered at low pressure using compressed air to gently sweep the media across the fins to dislodge environmental contaminants.

Unlike aggressive methods such as water blasting this presents no risk of damaging the fin fans.  Our operators can clean the fans from the bottom-up meaning that there is no need for scaffolding or other temporary platforms. This has two major benefits, as the operators can work underneath the fans there is no chance of them damaging the delicate Fins by standing on them. Secondly, our operators do not need to access to the plenum chamber and this reduces the hazards faced by workers.

The method is non-hazardous, REACH compliant, compatible with all metallurgies and environmentally safe. The levels of performance restoration gained over previously employed water jetting methods mean we see the repeat orders year after year for this.

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