ProDecon® was asked by a refinery in United Kingdom to decontaminate a Desalter of 150m3 system volume and return it to service in a strict timely manner, as the unit “Double Desalts” to avoid sending contaminated product to the CAT unit. Furthermore it was requested to minimise the effluent generation from the process for off- site disposal. The deposits found in these systems are usually salts and silt, hydrocarbons including Benzene and small amounts of Mercury. All these deposits need to be removed before man entry is allowed, especially Benzene and Mercury. The client demanded reduction of benzene below 0.5 ppm, Mercury to be below 0.03 ppm and hydrocarbons to be reduced to zero.

The desalter was taken off line and ProDecon® connected its specialised circulation equipment. Utilising our Decon-88™ chemistry, injection points were carefully selected to facilitate as much movement of the contaminant as possible. Steam was injected at carefully selected pre-determined points to encourage a more effective penetration of the foulant.

ProDecon® integrated temporary gas filtration to the process to ensure no toxic gases were released to the environment through the process.

As per client’s request to reduce the effluent from the process, ProDecon® mixed the effluent generated intensively until homogenised and then pumped into a specially designed filtration arrangement. ProDecon’s chemistry is biodegradable allowing the liquid phase to be separated and pumped away to the refinery’s wastewater treatment plant. The solid deposits were then transferred for on-site landfill disposal.

Customer Verified results

ProDecon® successfully completed the decontamination process in 24 hours, within the allowable timeframe. Sampling and testing proved the efficiency of decontamination.  There was no gaseous release to atmosphere and man entry was able to proceed immediately. The internals were reported to be “the cleanest they had ever seen”. Final desilting time was faster than planned due to the efficient removal of binding hydrocarbons by Decon-88™ and enhanced removal of solids during decontamination using ProDecon’s circulation system.

ProDecon® achieved 70% reduction of the effluent and deposits that needed to be disposed of.

Minimising the need to man entry and physical works within the vessel greatly improved the safety of the overall project.

Avoiding toxic gas release to atmosphere through venting and waste minimisation through use of our biodegradable chemicals and water treatment system, reduced the environmental impact of the works.

Efficient execution of the works to meet the decontamination schedule and reduce the maintenance schedule by 3 weeks saves cost.

Safety, Environment, Schedule and Cost – a successful project!