Boiler Chemical Cleaning

Maintenance or pre-commission chemical cleaning of a boiler will improve both thermal efficiency and reliability of the boiler. The chemical cleaning usually consists of a combination of the following stages:

  • Mechanical cleaning and water flushing to remove loose scale and other debris from the boiler
  • Alkaline treatment removes oil, grease and other organic compounds accumulated during construction, installation or repair. These contaminants may also prevent dissolution of scale during solvent cleaning.
  • Copper removal from contaminants contained in the boiler feedwater system
  • Solvent cleaning is a process in which inhibited acid removes mill scale and other iron oxide deposits that are present
  • Neutralisation & Passivation is essential after acid cleaning to remove any flash rust and replace the active metal surfaces with a passive protective film

ProDecons expertise, experience and fleet of specialized chemical cleaning equipment supports essential boiler chemical cleaning to meet manufacturers specifications for efficient operation and reliability. From initial assessment of system metallurgy, scale analysis, water treatment and historical data, ProDecons team of engineers will design and execute a cleaning procedure, inclusive of chemical process, flow path, temperature and pressure requirements, to achieve targeted results.

For further improvements in efficiency ProDecon® are also able to provide an on-line cleaning service to remove tube fouling and avoid the formation of future fouling. This extends run time, improves heat transfer and minimise’ s corrosion.