About Us

ProDecon® was formed in 2009 by a team of seasoned oil refinery chemical cleaning professionals , providing industrial service solutions across hazardous and industrial working environments. The business has a unique range of technical expertise and proprietary chemistry that enables us to support customers with maintenance risk management through bespoke industrial cleaning solutions.

Working across all sectors, with varying types of assets and infrastructure. ProDecon® provide a range of pre-commissioning, decontamination, tank and chemical cleaning solutions to support every phase of an asset lifecycle. We tailor solutions to support our customers most complex challenges, ensuring business continuity via a relentless focus on safety, quality and schedule to help customers save time and money.

The ProDecon® business operates under an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). This effectively means that all of the employees are now owners of the business. We believe this is a first for the UK Industrial Services sector and is an exciting opportunity for all employees, at every level in the company.

As a recognised industry leader, known for our safety, agility, unrivalled market leading expertise, and unbiased approach to a single chemistry or service. We provide customers with the confidence, our team can address specific needs and quickly adapt to all industrial businesses.

ProDecon® Innovating to Deliver Safe Predictable Outcomes