ProDecon partners industry during construction, turnarounds and maintenance to restore process efficiency through chemical cleaning of your assets in-situ.

Our business operates across three core business lines; refinery decontamination, chemical cleaning for heat transfer performance restoration and pre-commissioning cleaning. Working across all sectors, we tailor bespoke cleaning solutions to support our customers most complex challenges, ensuring business continuity via a relentless focus on safety, quality and schedule to help customers save time and money.


Through research and development, we have engineered a broad range of speciality chemicals and a purpose built fleet of liquid and vapour-phase equipment that can be mobilised quickly and adapted to the needs of any system, including vessels, heat exchangers, distillation columns and complex full units operations.


Our project managers work closely with clients, to ensure we have a detailed understanding of your assets and the challenges you face, to engineer the best solution to meet your expectations.



ProDecon was formed in 2009 by a group of experts with experience dating back over 50 years in chemical cleaning and refinery decontamination services. We created a strategy, built around experience that focused on meeting customers’ needs by safely delivering the highest quality of service.

This led to the creation of our market-leading Decon-88 chemistry. Based on this outstanding formulation we went on to develop a family of internationally acclaimed products to meet a range of demands for the oil, gas and industrial sectors.


Today, we have established ourselves as strategic partner to major refining and petrochemical industries around the world. We have experience in providing turnaround services across Europe, the Middle East, South America and South East Asia.


In 2021, the ProDecon shareholders transferred the ownership of the business to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).  This effectively means that all employees are owners of the business, ensuring we are best placed for profitable growth for both our customers and ProDecon. This is a first for the UK Industrial Services sector and an exciting opportunity for all employees, at every level in the company.

Mission & Values


Our lives and livelihoods are our top priority. We care about the health and safety of each other, our customers and all others affected by our work, ensuring safety takes precedence over commercial and operational concerns.



We encourage integrity, honesty and openness across our team. We always aim to deliver on what we promise and treat customers and suppliers the way we want to be treated.



Our business succeeds if our clients are successful. We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes when making decisions with a continued emphasis on Safety, Quality and Schedule. We focus on building personal, long-term relationships.



We believe that great people working together can accomplish the extraordinary. As an employee-owned organisation, everybody counts and we maximise our strength through employee development and combining ideas to develop better client solutions.



We never stand still and always searching for new ideas and technology that helps solve problems to deliver safe, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to our client’s operations.


Refinery Decontamination, PFAS Decontamination health & safety check
ProDecon Hydrocarbon Decontamination Risk Assessment
ProDecon Chemical Cleaning Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Occupational health and safety is one of our key foundations. Across every aspect of our operations, we implement standards of excellence that seek to achieve the highest level of safety performance. We are committed to protecting health, safety and welfare of all our employees and interested parties, whether on a company premises or undertaking business on our client sites. Our duty of care extends to non-employees visiting or working on company premises.

We recognise that excellence in health and safety directly enhances individual and company performance and contributes to overall success of both our own and client operations.


We are always striving to raise the level of health and safety across the business and have in place an effective communication strategy to support our goals and are proud of having zero recordable safety incidents from the company inception which we strive to exceed through the implementation and monitoring of leading and lagging indicators.


We recognise our clients require continuous improvement from their partners to increase efficiency whilst reducing their environmental footprint. Our chemistry was designed on the principles with sustainability and biodegradability in mind. Through R&D and working with our customers, we continually explore ways to operate more efficiently that will ultimately lower their CO2, energy use and waste produced.

Sustainability is a key aspect of our corporate responsibility and we recognise the importance of environmental protection and are committed to operating our business responsibly and in fulfilment of our obligations.


The implementation of quality management is essential to the success and smooth roll out of our operations.

Our established and audited quality management system has formal policies and procedures which are designed to underpin our commitment to continuous improvement and that we deliver in line with our customer regulatory requirements, ensuring individual intervention and overall preventions in the safe delivery of our operations.


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PRODECON - Netherlands

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Petromar – Middle East

Poly-Tech – Saudi Arabia

SERQUIMTEGCA – South America

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International Partners


Interested in becoming a ProDecon partner? Please get in touch by emailing sales@prodecon.com to enquire further.

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Refinery Decontamination, PFAS Decontamination health & safety check
ProDecon Hydrocarbon Decontamination Risk Assessment
ProDecon Chemical Cleaning Health & Safety
Refinery Decontamination, PFAS Decontamination health & safety check
ProDecon Hydrocarbon Decontamination Risk Assessment
ProDecon Chemical Cleaning Health & Safety