ProDecon® – Chemical Cleaning Expertise for Industry

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ProDecon® offer fully managed chemical cleaning and decontamination services from design through to execution and effluent handling. We have international expertise in refinery turnaround decontamination, heat exchangers and boilers, with in house experiences stretching back over 30 years.
ProDecon® offers the highest standards in chemical cleaning across the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Energy sectors. From pre-commissioning, to on-line performance restoration through to turnaround and shutdown decontamination, ProDecon® are able to support internationally.
ProDecon® have used its many years of field experience to drive its R&D to produce a highly effective range of proprietary chemicals specifically for the industry application. On-going developments continue to add to our range of environmentally chemical treatments to meet the toughest demands.
Visit our case studies for more information on how ProDecon® can help you improve process efficiency, reduce schedule and save costs.
ProDecon® are aligned with selected technology partners and international distributors to ensure we provide a wide range of specialist solutions to our clients most challenging issues without compromise on safety and quality.
Formed in 2009 by a team of highly experienced individuals, ProDecon® recognized the key to success as the combination of quality chemistry with expert delivery. R&D with our proprietary chemistry and engineering discipline remain the cornerstone of our success as a leading provider of chemical cleaning and refinery decontamination services.

About ProDecon®

ProDecon® was created by seasoned oil refinery chemical cleaning professionals to bring true value and respect to the safety-critical discipline that is oil refinery decontamination and chemical cleaning and now boasts the largest fleet of dedicated decontamination equipment in Europe.

ProDecon® continue to invest in its people, its task specific equipment and development of speciality chemicals designed to restore process efficiency and deliver safe predictable outcomes